Nikolay Falaleev
OniroAI (ClubAI) inspirer | Computer Vision R&D | Kaggle Master

Create Artificial Neural Networks and make them really fast.

I’m a passionate Computer Vision researcher with 4+ years of experience. Deep learning, applied machine learning programming, and numerical calculations are among the most common capacities in my projects.

I genuinely love to solve complex Computer Vision tasks with Deep Learning approaches and optimize pipelines for real-time inference.

Roman Voeikov
OniroAI member | Computer Vision R&D | Deep Learning professional

I work to bring Deep Learning solutions into sports and specialize in building powerful lightweight Neural Networks for multi-task applications and optimizing them for real-time implementation. I have 3+ years experience in the industry with the main focus on solving problems of semantic segmentation, object-detection, OCR and action recognition.

MSc in Materials Science, graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Alexander Skorikov
OniroAI member | Computer Vision R&D | Backyard champion in Deep Learning

Currently a postdoc at the national research institute for mathematics and informatics in the Netherlands (CWI Amsterdam) where I am developing computer vision solutions for scientific imaging. I’ve got a PhD in Physics and my aspiration is to reveal fundamental properties of the world through visual data. At the moment, my primary interests are multidimensional data, inverse problems and optimization theory. Outside of work, I like climbing, hiking and beer.

Ruslan Baikulov
OniroAI member | Computer Vision Tech Lead | Kaggle Grandmaster

Industrial and competitive Computer Vision and Audio tasks comprise my 6+ years of experience in a wide range of applications. For example, it includes leading the development of real-time video-based systems in sports analytics. In addition, implementing complex Deep Learning-based pipelines for both stages, training and inference, is at the center of my interest.

Anatoly Gorbachev
OniroAI member | Machine Learning | Android Development

I am an MSc in Materials Science, graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University. I was deeply involved in research in the field of chemical thermodynamics, including experimental data acquisition, data analysis and model parameters optimisation by nonlinear regression. The findings are published in papers and conference theses (see Istina and Scopus profiles). My current interests include Android development for data collection automation and thermodynamics modeling. In addition, I’m implementing a mobile platform for sensor data collection at the team.

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